"My Unity Place"

Simply look at the bottom of the screen. You will see "Unity Stamp Company Friends"

Take your cursor over the TOP of the words and click. A screen will pop up that displays all of your new Unity Place Friends and host a LIVE CHAT for you!

Once your chat screen is OPEN you will see a little arrow that points DOWN. That collapses the screen.

Your chat is visible to YOU and all of your FRIENDS. If you don't care to have your friends know you are online simply hit the green button. It will block your existence and leave you in peace! :)

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Did we break the chat thingy? I can't see anything past 9:56 :(
Oh so I'm not the only one who can't make it work?? Phew!
I'm typing and nothing shows up. I thought it was me. The green chat thing keeps popping up though, But the last entry I see is Robyn.
Girls you already BROKE my new toy! HA! :) Not sure! I will have to play around with it. NEW to me TOO! :)
LOL, Angela. I've been talking to myself online. I can see everything I type. You know technology. Needs to be broken in a bit. LOL
LOL You knew we'd break it sooner or later!! We just decided to make it sooner!
OH WELL! I may need to reset or something. I will just address it in the morning. :)
I am on another ning network and the chat thing does that a lot for some reason. If you move your mouse over the button farthest to the right, it will say "go offline". If you click on it, obviously, you will go offline, then if you wait for a few minutes and go back onlines it should work. We can't figure it out either at scripture scrappers, but we kind of noticed that if you are in the chat thing and if you are wandering around the site, when you go back to chat is when it does it? Wish I could help more, but that is all I have! :)
Still broken this morning! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!!
I tried to chat but my comment disappears and I can only see the first few comments of the box and then POOOOOF!!!!
I can't type anything but I see it.
I can see the chat, but I can't see my messages :(


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