"My Unity Place"

Unity Place will allows you to recieve email about your current activity within the forum. New Private Messaged, Friend Requests, as well as notifications from Unity will be delivered to New Members. As soon as your participate in a discussion Unity Place will automatically notify you of all the activity by default. Under EMAIL SETTINGS you can choose whether you want to receive these. Under NOTIFICATIONS you can set your preference. Please know that you maintain control over the members you choose to visit with. You can block anyone at anytime. You also have full control over who can send you a private message, and can block any member from doing so at any time.

* Private messages
* Social network notifications
* Turn off all notifications

Private messages

When you join Unity Stamp Place, you instantly have our administrators at your fingertips. If you want to exchange PRIVATE MESSAGES with other people on the Unity Place sight you will need to becom their friends first. Use your own personal discretion of who you WOULD and WOULD NOT like to become friends with.

To block a sender of private messages, go to your inbox and locate a message they've sent you. Open the message and click the "Block messages" link.

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