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2014 Growing in Unity Schedule!

If you pick a date that is already filled I will give you the very next possible date on a first come first served basis.  Please leave your email and blog address.


6 - Laura Visser Anderson

13 - Crystal rodner

20 - KristyLee Deyette

27- Brittany Kohl


3 -  Julie N Odil

10 - Jessica Yoder-Jones

17 - Paula McClane

24 - Corrie Wagner


3 - Donna Baes

10 - Maria Levine

17 - Brittany Morgan

24 - Erica Bass

31 - Amy England


7-  Natalia Sudiono Cazals (Anna)

14 - Patti La Bombard

21 - An'Jenic

28 - Kris Lancaster


5 - Miwa Lee

12 -  Amber Sheaves

19 - Michele Brown

26 - Tifany DeGough


2 - Jennifer Loftfield

9 - Dawn Fields

16 - Cristine Redmond

23 - Kapree Clark

30 - Paula Driver


7 - Christina Ramon

14 - Angela Chamness

21 - Karen Nofziger

28 - Sheryl Kemper


4 - Kassi Hulet

11 - Tracy Easson

18 - Cynthia Olheiser

25 - Kristy MacKeen


1 - Rachel Bogner

8 - Wendy Bird

15 - Riette Gasser

22 - Jen Mueller

29 - Teresa Godines


6 - Helen Mazengarb

13 - Mari Kocjancic

20 - Denise May

27 - Angeline Choo


3 - Heather Hoffman

10 -Kim Ross

17 - Marilyn Nimmo

24 - Sarah



1 - Pamela Stang

8 - Deirdre Smith

15 - Kris Budreau

22 - Ruby Marchand

29 - Mandi Mance

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Replies to This Discussion

Hi can I have the week of Nov 17th or any week that is left :) I had no idea this was already up and running I have been waiting months to sign up for it :) mandimance@hotmail.com thanks :) www.faithhopecrafts.blogspot.com

UPDATED!  AND we are filled for 2014!!!  WOW!  

If you didn't get a spot be sure to follow this board all year!  If someone has to back out at the last minute because well life happens I will post here to find a replacement.  Sometimes there's notice sometimes it's last minute.

Thanks everyone!  Happy New Year!!!

HI everyone! I'm posting and and on FB but we have a spot open for GIU the week of June 16 if anyone who has not done it before is interested.  Please email me at riaann at optonline dot nct  Thanks!  I will take the first person who comes in via email from here or on FB.  THANKS!

Hey Maria,

I'm supposed to do GIU the week of Aug 4th.... however, I've been really sick, and I'm kinda behind on stuff, so if you want to give someone else a chance, that would be GREAT!... Plus, being on the design team, I would love to let someone else have a chance to shine with Unity! :)  Thanks!

HI Kassi!  I'm sorry you are not feeling well!  I will shout it out to fill it then.  Thanks!


Would it be possible to swap my week with someone? I am going to be away the week I am due to be on Dec 29th. 

Thanks Mandi

August 4th is open!  Come over to our FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/537864239611706/  

Ok I can totally do that if that works :) I will come over to the group also thanks


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