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Does anyone have any idea what time sign ups will start? 

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I was just wondering that - I'm heading to the gym for a lunch time workout, but don't want to miss out on signing up for 2014.  If you see this Maria, can you add me to the list?  pretty please :)

Wish I did.  I'm at work - trying to check in....  Since there's currently only 2o-something members of this group, I'm hoping it'll be easy to get a spot.

I'm at the computer very sporadically today.  I keep trying to check and nothing seems to be happening.  I'll keep checking when I can.  I DON'T want to miss it!  I agree, Karen, it shouldn't be too hard with so few members, but the last time I looked there were 8 members, now there are 20, so things could change fast!

I've been doing the same thing - looking every once in awhile and refreshing my screen! lol

Sign ups will be SOON! We are working on it RIGHT NOW!! STAND BY :)

Sign up sheet is up ladies!!  :)

If by chance someone can't do it is there an alternative sheet we can put our names on? 


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