"My Unity Place"

I am currently working on November Kit of the Month!

We have done the HOLIDAY Themes and now we are moving on to NEW SUBJECTS!

November is about QUOTES/INSPIRATION/Being a Woman - encouraging Friends/Women/People in your life! 

I will love your feedback - SO HAPPY you are HERE! 

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I would love a Unity Stamp with this great quote: Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. -c.s. Lewis

love this!!  i will go work on this now and submit...love suggestions:)

Totally love this!!!

I also love this: Sometimes talking to your best friend is the only therapy you need...can't imagine life without you. Maybe as 2 stamps so you can stamp the second part on the inside.
It takes one to know one. Us girls say that a lot.
Just realized that would probably fall under the sarcasm quotes as opposed to inspiration, lol.

FIRST SNEAK PEEK to the NEW November Kit of the Month! 

Hi Ang,
How about this:  "A beautiful woman is a delight to the eye and a sigh to the heart."  Be beautiful today.


oh pretty. i love that!

love that!!

Men are always telling us women we should "grow a pair" - Apparently, they haven't seen the ones we "grew" on our chest!  And I guarantee ours are bigger than theirs.

Have an AWESOME day!

Just read this to Andrea - good comic relief at the end of the day! HA! :) 


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