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Hi ladies! I just subscribed to the SOTW and I'm wondering: how do you organize your SOTW collection?

Do you separate them or blend them in with all your Unity stamps? I keep my Unity stamps in a binder on those nifty EZMount storage panels. I am thinking about having a seperate binder just for SOTWs. 

Any clever organization ideas out there?? :)

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I use the nifty EZMount Storage Panels too. I actually have a few binders. I seperate them by Artist and season. I have most of my itty bitty's in one but thinking the same of having a SOTW one. 

i need to get some EZmount storage panels and get organizing, do you keep the stamp packaging?

I don't keep the plastic bag.  I only keep the little brown label with the picture of the stamp and the name and I put it in the baseball card holder directly accross from the stamp that has been mounted on the EZ mount.  It works really well for me because I can flip through the book and look at the stamp pictures to choose a stamp.

I have all the plastic bags sort of put inside of each other. I need to get those photo sheets so I can save all the paper inserts with the stamp images, I think.

I keep my SOTWs and My Itty Bittys  in my Unity Binder on the EZMount storage panels.  I have baseball card holder sheet that I use to store the label from the stamp (they have to be trimmed a little).  I have mine sorted by occassion ..

As each stamp comes in, I put the week # on the package and "file" it by the number in my Recollections storage draws with the dividers. I ever so often go to the SOTW page that lists all the stamps and download a copy of it to look at so I can decide which stamp I want to use.  They are all numbered by their week #.

There's a list of all of them?? Where do you get that?

I now have a spreadsheet of the STAMP OF THE WEEK if you would like it!  Kelli at Unity made it for us! :) 

You can CLICK HERE and join Unity Facebook Show & Tell - https://www.facebook.com/groups/434773279941105/

Then see you can find the Spreadsheet HERE:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/434773279941105/542486805836418/

I have two plastic drawers that mine are in.  I write the week number and that it is SOTW on them and file them in order.  I love that Kelli made the new spreadsheet for us.  That helped me fill in the blanks tonight.  Sorry they are kind of blurry, but here they are.



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