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   Hello I just would like for you all to know me a little ,I'am a mom a grand ,ma and my husband have been together since I was 16 yrs old and I will not see 61 again we are sole mates We live in Owensville ,In  and we have been here about 4 yrs we lived and worked in Calif for like 35 yrs we Oh  for got My husbands name  is LeRoy . he loves to build moldle cars , trucks , any thing the skill he like is a 2/3rd skill , so yes he has his own room as full as my art room we Have 3 grand son, they all are grown one is in the Army, one is in collage and One works . and we have a Great grand daughter she will be 3 in Feb, how you know a little about me I love to rubber stamp , I love making seans like mountains trees ect.I love making Greeting cards ,Christmas cards,  ATC, Post cards, I think any thing with paper iam a happy camper. Thank you for having me .


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